our stories are what connect us...

one of things I am most passionate about is truth & I like to think that it is tangibly reflected in my work. I believe there is truth be told within every human relationship, season of life, & new experience. the moments along the way - whether big or small - help write these individual narratives specific to you. this life is messy, but gosh... it is so full of beauty. everyone has something to offer that can give others inspiration, hope, or a reason to smile. I think the reason many of my clients become friends is because through this process I have the incredible opportunity to learn your story. most shoots consist of laughing, cracking jokes, dancing, etc. but at the end of the day I want to know the significance of what brought you to where you are now, the importance of the moments I’m capturing, the reasons you fell in love, the things you want your life to be marked by... these things help me to create the galleries & films that reflect you in your element - as raw and real as possible in order that you can use these visuals to communicate your story. our stories are what connect us & that is so special.


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