truthfully -

I am not the biggest fan of the perfectly posed, fake-smiling pictures... I just don't think it accurately reflects the nature of your personalities or relationships. I'm not saying that I won't give you guidance! More so that my overall goal is to freeze these natural interactions for you - the way he looks at you, the laughter from a well timed joke, the ways you poke fun at each other, how you appear through the eyes of others. Not rigid, not super composed and perfected, but real people full of life + love. I'm always looking for different ways to reflect your unique story, so creativity is a huge part of that! If you're looking for a photographer to coach your every move and ask you to smile at the camera, we may not be the best fit for each other. I'd love for you to look at my work & see if you could envision us being a good match! I would like to think so.